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Monday, June 21, 2021











Prayer is more than a duty, it is more than a privilege, it is more than an honor. When the creature can touch the creator, the finite touches the infinite, and the unholy finds grace before the Most Holy


The act of prayer is as profound as the mortal coming before the Infinite Immortal, the sinner before the Saviour, and it is as simple as a child sitting in the lap of his Father.


Are you a praying person? Do you want to be? Are you tired of committing the awful sin of prayerlessness? Is your relationship as a branch abiding in the vine boring; does it lack fruit, is their little or no joy?  Do you take your prayer life for granted?


If you answer “yes” to some or most of the questions in the above paragraph, then you are primed for a powerful prayer life.  It begins with confession. O lord help us to pray.

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